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Written by Vinay Lal*, Designed and illustrated by Borin Van Loon.
(*Associate Professor in History, UCLA)
This book provides an overview of one of the most ancient religions in the world. One of the most famous practioners in comparatively recent times, Mahatma Gandhi, gave it as his opinion that "a man may not believe in God and still call himself a Hindu."
Our turbanned protagonist prepares to don his Brahmin beard


Arthur Schopenhauer and Paul Deussen

And Borin's customary tip of the hat to Magritte in this depiction of the birth of Buddhism and Jainism as a dove of peace from the soils of India and Hinduism with that most famous of pacifist Hindus, Mahatma Gandhi (at lower right). Cross-hatching heaven.

Above right: winning a battle by any means necessary: a story from 'The Mahabharata'

Kali: the scariest Hindu deity of all - severed head, and a skirt of human arms!


A great introduction to Hinduism. Although not the best in the series, it does give an adequate account of the idea and its historical and contemporary significance. I would recommend to anyone interested in the subject. Naxa (Apr 2 2010).

very nicely and smartly explained. gave me interesting insights in hinduism that we assume we know but know very little of. Jaimit Doshi (Aug 28, 2011).

A graphic guide introducing us to the oldest of the world’s major religions. There’s so much to be said about the philosophy behind this, it’s amazing this little book is as tiny as it is, and yet still serves as a comprehensive guide. As with all other ‘Introducing…’ books it’s just the tip of the iceberg, from where you can dive deeper into the deep blue see if any of the ideas in this book interest you at all. And why shouldn’t it? Some of the ideas have touched base with Western religions / ideologies more than once. Besides it’s almost shocking to read Hinduism is not always as friendly as they originally made it out to be. Lal got directly to the core of Hinduism while Van Loon provided the illustrations which makes it easier to understand. Another keeper. Martijn Welzen (

A wonderful and easy way to understand the religion, but I'm definately wanting MORE knowledge about the subject matter. (4 stars. Rayna Mackey).

A pre-publication review of a book not yet published (a first!): a message from the author-
Dear Borin,
I just write to introduce myself as the author of Introducing Hinduism, and to
say that I saw your artwork yesterday and thought it was quite marvelous. I wasn't
quite sure how all of this would turn out, as I haven't tried my hand at this
before, but Zia [author of Mathematics, Cultural Studies, Media Studies and Science]
(who is a close friend) had assured me that were just the person to do the artwork.
I do visit Britain every now and then and hope we can meet. And if you should
ever find yourself in Los Angeles, don't hesitate to contact me.
Best wishes,

Vinay Lal
Associate Professor
Department of History
"The History of History" (Oxford, 2003):

Eastern Philosophy...
Cultural Studies...
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