Borin Van Loon: Introducing Economics cover1Introducing Economics: A Graphic Guide
Written by David Orrell, designed and illustrated by Borin Van Loon. Icon Books, June 2011. ISBN: 978-1848312159
Published June 2011, Introducing Economics is the brand-new INTRODUCING guide to the subject that really makes the world go round. Economics was described by the English economist Lionel Robbins in 1935 as 'the science of scarcity' but these days economics is everywhere, and it's never been more popular - as bestselling books such as Freakanomics attest. But what is economics really all about? What do the great economists think, and what can economics do for us today? David Orrell, author of Economyths, explains all in Introducing's trademark intelligent but witty style, accompanied by brilliant illustrations from the legendary Borin Van Loon (publisher's puff).
Borin Van Loon: Illustrator: Intro Econ 100
David Orrell is a Canadian mathematician who lives in Oxford, where he also obtained his doctorate. His work in the prediction of complex systems such as the weather, genetics, and the economy has been featured in New Scientist, the Financial Times, BBC Radio and CBC TV. His previous book was Economyths (Icon, 2010).
This title marks a return to the first ever Beginners book which Borin worked on in 1979/80: Capitalism for Beginners written by American economist Robert Lekachman. Packed as this early documentary comic book was with  Margaret Thatcher, John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman, it was odd to see all the usual suspects and more parading through David Orrell's excellent text. As design, publishing and book creation has gone through several revolutions since the late seventies, you would expect that Borin Van Loon would be pushing a few buttons and letting a finished book pop out of a little chute at the end of a humming box with winking lights (and with a satifying 'ping', no doubt). In true retro fashion, of course, the old reprobate still pastes up his artwork with bits of paper, drawings and text. Visceral.

He now uses spray mount rather than Cow Gum... thus turning Revolt into Style.
This title marks Borin Van Loon's final documentary comic book for Icon Books, in an intermittent succession of sixteen such works running all the way back to the Writers & Readers Publishing Co-operative in London (with short detours via Pantheon in America and Allen & Unwin). What a long strange trip it's been.

Sample pages:-
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5.0 out of 5 stars
Great overview!!, 18 Sep 2011
"I can see rationales and relationship of each economics theory like never before!!
This book explains the development of each theory start from Pythagoras's Idea in the past to Behavioral Economics in the present"
By Sira Ekabut - Published on

5.0 out of 5 stars
i love the INTRODUCING SERIES, 5 Sep 2011
"The good thing about this INTRODUCING SERIES they are graphical guides, which makes it easy to read.
Another thing the way things are explained are in a fun historical way that attracts you to go on about reading. Basically with this book you can get a gud grasp of what economics are, how it started and how is it in our lives. u can finish the book in no time, jjust give your self teh time to read it properly."
By Amor - Published on

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