Borin Van Loon: Underground Run Through
Underground Run Through (wax crayon frottage and coloured pencil, gouche/watercolour on paper)

A lettered tramway point-changing gear cover on the Island site of the Wet Dock, Ipswich. The tramway rails have survived better here than on the northern and eastern quays. So resonant that we have a surviving casting originating from Darlington, one of the birth-places of railways of the Industrial Revolution. A frottage (rubbing) executed in situ and worked into in colour which might hark back to the color palettes of 1960s psychedelic posters.

The original casting has been photographed and featured on Borin's Ipswich Historic Lettering website. So nice to see The Darlington Railway Plant & Foundry Co. Ltd still readable on an industrial site in Ipswich, Darlington, County Durham in England being the birthplace  of the modern railway.

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