The discarded made beautiful 1

Running throughout April 2011, this exhibition at the Frame Workshop and Gallery in Ipswich, Suffolk is the culmination of a 14 month project by the Freelance Association (see Links). Borin Van Loon made eight assemblages for the show:
Borin Van Loon: Discarded 1aa Walkman eviscerated (two views)

  Borin Van Loon: Discarded 2aMusic of the spheres

Borin Van Loon: Discarded 3aTransmission

  Borin Van loon: Discarded 4aAmbassador, you are spoiling us

  Borin Van Loon: Discarded 5aaInterior furniture

  Borin Van loon: Discarded 6aThe eyes have it

  Borin Van Loon: Discarded 7aa Death and the maiden 1

  Borin Van Loon: Discarded 8a
Death and the maiden 2

Times of recession have often been the spur to the birth of artistic movements (Dada or Abstract Expressionism, for example). Eleven members of Freelance, a locally-based support group for creative professionals, have responded to the current economic climate with an exhibition reflecting this. 'The Discarded Made Beautiful' is the title of an intriguing exhibition at Frame Workshop & Gallery, 22 St Nicholas Street, Ipswich running from the 7th to the 30th of April 2011.
The test for the members of Freelance has been to do their very best work from something that is not important, is made out of throwaway materials, but which is beautiful. To produce gem-like works of great variety which are relatively small in physical size (A5 or thereabouts). The materials used should be those which are usually discarded in our society (nothing putrifying). Either 2D or 3D, wall-mounted, free standing or suspended.
The price per piece to the purchaser is designed to be very modest. Themes which emerge from this art show are those of reuse and recycling, of our wasteful way of living in the 21st century, of being creative using the detritus of modern life: a way of seeing objects and materials which are intrinsically valueless but can be made into something fine.
Borin Van Loon, Chair of Freelance says: "Rubbish can be beautiful when it is mediated by the artist."

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