Album/EP covers

Danger's Close: '...Closer than you think' CD
Borin Van Loon: Danger's Close CD  Borin Van Loon: Danger's Close disc
Inside                                                                                          Front cover                                                                                    Disc artwork

Louisa Gaylard: 'Hippy Hill EP
Borin Van Loon: Hippy Hill EP   Borin Van Loon: Hippy Hill EP back
Inside                                                                                       Front cover                                                                                    Back cover (all photography by Borin Van Loon]

Louisa Gaylard: 'Point?' CD (2007)
Borin Van Loon: Point? CD   Borin Van Loon: Point? CD back
Inside  [photography by Mandy Gaylard]                                          Front cover  [photography by Louisa Gaylard]                                     Back cover [photography by Louisa Gaylard]

Louisa Gaylard: 'New day' CD (2009)
Borin Van Loon: New day CD cover
Back/front wraparound cover
Click here for mor information on the 'New Day' artwork from our Paintings gallery.

Louisa Gaylard: Sampler EP
Borin Van Loon: Louisa Gaylard sampler CDphotograph by Amadeo Castellani
Back/front wraparound cover

Louisa Gaylard: 'Paradise is near' CD (2021)
Borin Van Loon: Paradise is near CD cover
See the original painting: Le disque du crépuscule.
See Links for Louisa Gaylard's website.

Slits: 'Girls next door' LP (2005)
Borin Van Loon: Slits LP cover
Painting by Borin Van Loon: click here for the original artwork and more information.

Steel Rhino: design for t-shirt

Borin Van Loon: Steel Rhino colour

Digital image by Borin Van Loon. Click here for more information from our Paintings gallery.

Borin Van Loon : Loon in flight
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