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Borin Van Loon: Timeslip

Timeslip: M appeal, gouache & acrylics on paper and painted frame. 2020
Timeslip: Time has come today,
gouache & acrylics on paper and painted frame. 2020

Two exercises in 21st century psychedelia with integral framing. Timeslip: M appeal
refers directly to the 1960s television series The Avengers. The (male) programme-makers said, in the rather sexist language of the day, that the successor to Honor Blackman should have 'man appeal' – shortened to 'M appeal'. The new recruit was Diana Rigg who was given the name Emma Peel. This piece plays with the design of one of her costumes: a winged sleeved and striped top. Timeslip: Time has come today takes that treatment to the ultimate, with shapes moving out over the window mount, then over the frame moulding. The next step was digital painting of the latter work to produce an imaginary poster from 1967 promoting one of the 'lost' psychedelic soul singles of that year: Time has come today by The Chambers Brothers.
Borin Van Loon: Timeslip: Time has come today

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