Borin Van Loon: Pointilliste paraphernalia 1
Pointilliste paraphernalia (line and watercolour dyes)

This handy invention solves all those niggly problems of dotty fine art. Based on a traditional shotgun stock, its sights, adjustments and telescopic mall-stick gives supreme control over every spot of colour as it is applied to the canvas surface. Not only that, but we can guarantee that twelve dots are made in one easy operation by the mounted set of sable brushes. The swivelling palette moves through 90 degrees, charges the brushes with paint, then drops down as the marks are made. Fine accuracy is guaranteed with the mounted 'artist's hand' and adjustable thumb on the vertical pencil sight - as viewed through the cross-hairs in the aperture of  the upper splash plate which protects the artist from unfortunate oil-paint spills. Variable mirrors enable all-round views of the artist's studio to provide early warning of impending nude models.

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