The Loony Dog-Owner's Handbook

Ah, memories! This book dates back to 1985, published by Century (ISBN 0 7126 0764 1) and sadly not reprinted (see foot of page*). Such is the nature of modern publishing. Dedicated to our dog of the time, Shad, who was found as a stray, walking about in the middle of the traffic in Tooley Street, in London's Southwark. Named after the nearby docklands street Shad Thames (which is now a very desirable penthouse area), and destined to have a radical effect on our lives for several years until he died of cancer.

This indispensable handbook draws upon our bizarre and stressful education at the paws of said dog.

What to do with waste products
Grappling skills

Off the lead
Absence makes the voice grow louder
In the car
Coping with other dog lovers
The 'walking rope'
Tail piece
An out-of-the-blue review (via email 25.6.09): “The loony dog ownerŽs handbook” howled to me from its shelf in a second hand bookstore in Franschoek, South Africa.  So of course I walked it out from there and brought it home to my loony dogs in Sweden, as a bad example. South Africa, Britain, Sweden; dogs are just the same everywhere. As dogowners. Do they laugh at us just as much as we do our selfs?
Anyway: thanks! I had a wonderful time with you and your dog! -Bitte Sundin

(*Strangely enough, this book has had a permanent place on when you do a book search under 'Borin Van Loon', despite being long out of print; other obscure books by Borin such as 'Intellectual Bull' have recently cropped up.)

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