Borin Van Loon: Behold your king 2

Behold Your King (collage and watercolour)
Borin Van Loon: "Quite what posessed me to take two disparate full face portraits from the same Sunday colour supplement (probably the Telegraph Magazine), then cut them both into horizontal strips to later amalgamate them into a new face, I don't know. A certain selection process was required around the main features of the face, but the combination of old eyes and young eyes and so on pleased me. The people involved were an old woman and a young African (Asian?) man. The transitions from paler to darker skin tones, white to black hair, wrinkled to clear skin and so on seem to resolve into this whole new etiolated visage.

It would be another fifteen years or so before I returned to this method of collage to produce a whole series of what I then called 'Facial Make-ups', with strip cuts, cubes and rectangles, sometimes with skews and distortions in the way in which elements were reassembled."

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