Borin Van Loon: Be comforted
Be comforted (coloured pencil on paper)

A detail of a stone memorial and morally uplifting biblical quotation in St Lawrence Church, Dial Lane, Ipswich. This, one of the twelve medieval churches in the town, boasts the oldest ring of bells in the country; when your hear them ring, you are listening to the same bells that Thomas Wolsey (c.1475-1530) would have heard as a lad in Ipswich. This drawing is seen by some as potentially upsetting for the elderly viewer; however, the original carved stone memorial detail – and its chance collision with lettering – is a few feet from where those same elderly people are sipping their cups of tea in St Lawrence Church, now a fine café/restaurant in Dial Lane. See the memorial on which this drawing is based on Borin's Ipswich Historic Lettering website.

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