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Yes, you too can own a little bit of Bart Dickon. For a hero who spends much of "The Bart Dickon Omnibus" in corporeal desuetude, don't worry... your bit of Bart will not involve gloopy limb loss, internal organs or other viscera. We now offer a USA-based shop (CafePress) and a UK-based shop (Spreadshirt).
Merely visit our Bart Dickon shops at to view the full range... Or for T-shirts and mugs priced in sterling

Here is a selection of the delights on offer:

Postcards and Greeting cards (packs of eight)
bartpc3The chase begins!-Bart greeting cardO'er hill and dale...
Value T-shirt (front designs only)
Bart Value T
Floor of living flesh!Black T-shirtNEW: Dazzling black T-shirt!
White T-shirt
(back and front)
Bart front/back T
Bart T-shirt BackClick here for bigger designs!
Mini poster print or Small poster
Bart poster/print
Colour front painting (in two sizes)!
Bart mug
Sip from a comic strip frame...Bart Large Mugor a colourful large mug!

Calendar for 2006 (different design for each month)
Bart calendar
Here's a selection from the twelve months!

"From Max Ernst and the Situationists to Biff, collage strips
lend themselves perfectly to wild surrealism and satire, key
ingredients in Van Loon's madcap remixing of old British
comics and story papers."
Paul Gravett, Comics International
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