Borin Van Loon's Paintings Index (some pages have more than one image)
Borin Van Loon: Beefheart icon 2
Captain Beefheart
Borin Van Loon: Cricketer icon 2
Cricketer Century
Borin Van Loon: Mandy Jim icon 2
Mandy & Jim
Borin Van Loon: Time transfixed icon 2
Time Transfixed
Borin Van Loon: Synergy icon 2
Borin Van Loon: Panther icon 2

Borin Van Loon: Mishima icon 2
Domestic interior

Borin Van Loon: Orford Castle icon 2
Orford Castle
Borin Van Loon: Pressure drop icon 2
Pressure Drop
Borin Van Loon: Desnos icon 2
Robert Desnos
Borin Van Loon: Goya icon 2

Ride A


Artistry I & II
Borin Van Loon: Stones icon 2
Rolling Stones
Borin Van Loon: Graham Greene icon 2
Graham Greene
Borin Van Loon: Pointilliste icon 2
Pointilliste Paraphernalia

Acid Rain
Borin Van loon: Slits icon 2
The Slits
Borin Van Loon: Magrittings icon 2

New religion

Butterfly On A Branding-Iron
Meet The Ancestors
Paper Trail


New Day CD cover

Borin Van Loon: Log jam icon 2
Log Jam
Steel Rhino

Still raining...
Borin Van Loon: David Bowie icon
David Bowie
Borin Van Loon: Siouxsie icon 2
Siouxsie Sioux

Borin Van Loon: Montpellier icon

Borin Van Loon: Steam fog icon
Steam fog
Borin Van Loon: Hendrix freedom icon
Hendrix Free...

Borin Van Loon: Tomb Wrestlers icon
Tomb of the wrestlers
Borin Van Loon: Ofra Haza icon
Ofra Haza
Borin Van Loon: Jury Room icon
The Jury Room
Borin Van Loon: Beckett icon
Sam Beckett
Borin Van Loon: Georgette icon
See the Flickr collection of Borin's Retrospective Exhibition at The Freudian Sheep (June 2015) including may of these works.
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Borin Van Loon : Loon in flight

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