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"... an astounding example of surreal riffing on culture." Sean Ferrell, PopMatters (more reviews)

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Here you can find all sorts of information about Bart Dickon (some of it not in the new Omnibus edition!), sample pages, colour panels, an extract from the short story 'The Thunderer' and much else, together with the chance to visist Bart Mart to purchase quality artifacts and tasteful gift ideas for the laconic solipsist in your life.
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Bart Dickon on Wikipedia!
Reborn into a New Dark Age, Bart Dickon, the ideologically-sound secret agent, bursts once again onto a complacent world of mediocrity to spread High Adventure and Derring-do to those astute enough to read of his doings. Drawing on the Ancient Egyptian myths of Isis and Osiris, the bandes desinée of Tintin, Jock and Snowy, the high drama of Dixon of Dock Green and the heroic works of the Reverend W. Audrey, our protagonist spends most of this epic tale "in corporeal desuetude", i.e. as a bodyless head. The Odyssey pursues him from procreation, via birth, schooldays and an Apprenticeship In The University Of Life (i.e. dicking about spending Daddy's money), to his ultimate vocation as 'The English Assassin', pith helmet-wearing conqueror of something-or-other and subversive spy in a world of wickedness and intrepidity. During a romantic interlude, he is decapitated in flagrante delicto and his dismembered body is scattered to the four winds. Bart's trusty, youthful and - lets face it - female sidekick Snowy quests though multiple realities, meets her doppelganger and after several gender-swaps achieves an unexpected denouement to the tale. Wildly funny, wildly unlikely and unique in its combination of intertwining language and image. Original, signed artwork for sale: click here.

A Severed Head-Bart in colour!

A remarkable, sustained comic strip saga featuring the enigmatic protagonist, Bart Dickon. First to appear in Talking Turkey adult comic and later continued in the magazines Sun Zoom Spark and most recently The Chap (see Links section), the ever-evolving story develops through multiple realities, gender-interchange and temporal fractures. You can access a couple of sample pages of A Severed Head by clicking on the 'More Bart Dickon pages!' link below.  For more pages of early work and a description of the working process and inspirational sources, see the Collage Comix page in our Loon Comix Arcive.

A unique publishing project: the production of the whole piece as 'a proper book' at long last. The entire story has been expanded and reworked into a continuous graphic novella with supporting art, short story and strips to make an enviably desirable package. The glowingly colourful glossy covers contain a bonus colour comic strip 'A Bulldog Bleeds' on the inside back and front.  At 108 pages of fine artwork, 'The Bart Dickon Omnibus' can be easily purchased by clicking here. You don't need a Paypal account to buy online from us via their secure server, just a credit card.
Published November 1, 2005 by Severed Head Books (ISBN: 0-9551579-0-0 / the new ISBN-13 number is: 978-0-9551579-0-5)

-Dog-fight in colour!
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Below: Bart celebrates Saturnalia 2005 in fine style...
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Explanatory Notes To The Front Of The Festive Card (hereinafter known as F.O.T.F.C.)
a. Rather pathetic attempts to suggest Christmas theme.
b. Shameless product placement.
c. Serious men in hats (who can't afford to ride inside).
d. No quadrupeds were harmed during the making of this card.
e. Bart Dickon, The Ideologically-Sound Secret Agent, in disguise, within.
f. Slightly over-egged attempt to suggest that the sales of the book have sky-rocketed,
    utilising pretentious vocabulary.
g. Gentleman with blunderbus to ward off marauders.
h. Badly drawn posts and banner due to inexperience with Illustrator software.
i. Large wheel.
j. Small wheel.
k. see d.

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'The Thunderer' (excerpt from the short story in the book + a taster from the forthcoming novel: "Bart Dickon's Descent Into Hell")
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