Executing detailed paintings in oils tends to restrict artwork sizes. Here, Borin was commissioned to provide large-scale (two sheets of mounting board hinged together) works to decorate the interior of the medieval St Mary-At-Quay church in Ipswich docks for a Masqued Ball in the summer of 2008. The theme was 'Gothic'.
Borin Van Loon: Gothic a Borin Van Loon: Gothic b
1. Death and the maiden   2. Renaissance head
Borin Van Loon: Gothic c Borin Van Loon: Gothic d
3. Arachnid   4. Merchant (1-4: guache & watercolour on mounting board)
Borin Van Loon: Gothic 4a1Arachnid (detail)

Borin Van Loon: Gothic group
One or two shots of the Masqued Ball (image 2 above shows a dancer beside Meet the ancestors which was also displayed that night). Beneath the 'Merchant' painting sits Darth Vader...

Borin Van Loon: Beckett 1a Borin Van Loon: Beckett 2a
... take your favourite craggy, old avant garde literary figure of the twentieth century, put him in an eaqually craggy, old frame and - because it's for a Masqued Ball - suspend a mask and eyeballs about 9 inches in front of it. Voila! Pretty scary as befits Samuel Beckett.

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